Vics Fun

My name is Vickie Saewert. I am an award-winning, Certified Professional Photographer. This means I am much more than a weekend mom with a camera, and that I have studied the trade of photography. I taught portrait photography at Ozark Community College in Springfield, Missouri, and operate a local club where I mentor teens on the ins and outs of professional photography. For more information about the club, visit Vics Whipper Snappers on Facebook.

I have a passion for photography and people and it becomes obvious as I take the time to show off everyone’s inner beauty and personality in their pictures. To me, photography is not a job. It’s so much more! I learned so much from my mother, an artist who always pointed out the best in everyone. She taught me to find and accentuate everyone’s best features!

Our team here is great! You’re sure to love our photography assistants. They will work hard on your photo shoot making you look your absolute best with professional lighting. You will also meet our studio manager, Ashley, who has a vast knowledge of our products, and will help you with your ordering so you find the best way to show off your photos. Our team makes Vics Photography the best choice for you and your family.

We have a wonderful indoor studio and 15 acres of outdoor studio. Don’t worry, there will be minimal walking required. We have all-terrain vehicles that seats 6 to get us around!