Bailey, Girls just want to have fun!

I met Bailey on her big sister's shoot and fell in love with her spontaneous fabulous sassyness.

If you have ever met Bailey.... well you love her, you can't help it.

During her sister's shoot Bailey told her mom, "Vickie is Crazy"!  That cracked me up

and I knew she got me.  She enjoys my crazy side and that freed me to go nuts!

I invited Bailey to help our studio out the following spring with new areas to practice on.

I needed a model to help me out on this and she was perfect.  Love you Bailey!

The whole crew of girls we had helping that day

Good old fashioned splashing fun

Spash off

Bailey brings the Crazy out in me.

Bailey and photographer Vickie having way too much fun.

Fabulous Bailey

Girls Got Style

So cute playing in the flowers.

Honeysuckle arch

Barn new photo area

Bailey has her own style

Bailey showing how it's done..

New Barn area on the stairs

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