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Jacob’s Senior Pics


That is our motto and I think it all applied to Jacob’s senior Shoot.

I loved the way Jacob’s Mom just allowed Jacob to be Jacob.  He really loved the hunting photos and when I had him point the arrow right at me he said I might just be a little crazy.  Well I am but the good kind of crazy.  Crazy about Photography.


  • Porcupine Kimberly
  • Hank the fox
  • Fox Hank

One Unique Shoot

Julie is just as laid back as a young lady can get.  She has a confidence that flows!  She wins the “most unusual animal”!  How about a Fox named Hank and a Porcupine named Kimberly.  I wondered how this would go when her Mom told me about the Pets she wanted to bring.  Julie and her family are licensed for wild animals and Julie and the critters had a bond that showed.  So much fun for us to experience!!!