What should I bring to my session?
— Eat first because full bellies always smile better… Really! Bring some flip flops you can get in a creek with. If it’s cold, don’t forget your coat, we will be riding around on a ATV. Bring Anything that tells us about you. Hair products and make up. Letterman jacket, and if you bring a uniform for a sport don’t forget the ball, bat, etc. that goes with that sport. Girls, Lip gloss is so helpful even if you are not a lip gloss kind of a girl. Please bring your clothes on hangers for a finished look.

Do I need to make an appointment?
— Yes, because we are very busy, we request that you please call us at (812) 967-8186 to schedule an appointment.

Are pets allowed on photo shoots?
— Pets take extra time and care and there is a $25 fee per pet. When booking your senior sessions get prior pet approval from our staff.

When do I pay?
— You pay your sitting fee on the day of your shoot. We will also collect a $100 deposit towards your final print purchase on the day you pick up your proof DVD.

When will I actually receive proofs?
– We must first handle editing and enhancements for your pictures. In 1-3 weeks, we will call you and set up your appointment to view your proofs.

Can I make payments on my order?
— Of course you can make payments on an order, however keep in mind that we do not actually place the order until you have paid in full.

I need a picture for the yearbook.
— We can email a headshot to your school’s yearbook staff. Please provide us with the necessary email address and due date.