Live on Purpose

Sometimes you might here how our youth is not ready, or not capable, or selfish, etc…

I meet so many incredible Seniors that I have Great hope for the future of our country and world.

Meet Makenzie,  A senior who is already making a difference in the world. She even has her own blog “My Journey of Faith.”

Her passion right now is getting Water to those who have none and went to Nicaragua the past three summers to get her hands dirty and I know it ended up filling her heart and soul with passion for those who have little but love life.  But Don’t take my word for it, Read her blog and let your heart be filled with hope, Hope for our youth and the future.

Thank you Makenzie for inspiring your photographer!


About Vickie Saewert

My name is Vickie Saewert. I am an award-winning, Certified Professional Photographer. This means I am much more than a weekend mom with a camera, and that I have studied the trade of photography. I taught portrait photography at Ozark Community College in Springfield, Missouri, and operate a local club where I mentor teens on the ins and outs of professional photography.