• Mikayla in Teal bench
  • Mikayla Jersey


Mikayla traveled to us all the way from Huntingburg, IN.  Her uncle is Billy and a local here who I met at a football game.  Mikayla is simply a Natural beauty and it was a pleasure getting to know her and her Mom on the Senior Photo shoot.  Mikayla was wise enough when she heard about her boyfriends school getting new football jersey's that she went to the school and picked up his old one.  Love her with her heals and jersey!

About Vickie Saewert

My name is Vickie Saewert. I am an award-winning, Certified Professional Photographer. This means I am much more than a weekend mom with a camera, and that I have studied the trade of photography. I taught portrait photography at Ozark Community College in Springfield, Missouri, and operate a local club where I mentor teens on the ins and outs of professional photography.