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Passmore Seniors

Repeat business is always the greatest compliment.  This year is sadly the last of this family’s seniors and I have very much enjoyed getting to know this fine Mitchell family.

Drew, Then AJ and now Ally.  All of them so athletic and with stricking looks.  Ally’s shoot was filled with laughter and I really loved the Mother Daughter relationship.
Thank You Melissa for bringing your kids here to me.  Now lets get that Family Photo done this fall! 🙂

Matt, Mitchel High School

One thing I love about the way I have set up my business is allowing myself the time to get to know my seniors and their families.  I know, I know, time is money, But…. I Love what I do.  And I think one of those reasons that after 10 years here in Indiana that I still LOVE my job is the freedom I give myself of taking my time, all the time I need, all the time I want.  Like with Matt, By the time we got to the studio to do some close up with his gun, (Oh Yeah, He Loves his guns), We had already gotten to know each other.  Now we are just having way too much fun!  I love the shot and when I showed it to him in camera he was so happy, that made my day


Twins Photo Shoot

Zach is proudly one minute older than Megan and likes it that way.  I love the story of Megan, first day home from the hospital, she wouldn’t stop crying until they laid her next to her brother.

Megan is a caregiver and Zach is intensely laid back.  I got to know them both as freshman when they came in for family photos and this is One Great Family.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know them. 006 019 033 043 061

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