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Senior Photos Jennifer

I did Jennifer’s older sis’s sr. pics and wedding pics so Jennifer and I know each other well.  Jennifer had some great ideas and I loved her cap and gown.

Thank you so much for trusting your young ladies senior photo’s to me here at Naturally Vics.

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Mason and Lexi

We love how the word gets spread about us,  A friend tells a friend who tells a girlfriend and Wha-La, Great Seniors who really appreciate great photography.  I don’t know who told who but we were sure glad to have both these 2016 seniors come out for their senior photos.

Thanks for spreading the word about us!



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Kaitlin’s senior photo shoot

We loved having Kaitlin out here for her senior photo shoot.  She is such a down to earth, sweet girl!  I love that she works at a day care that runs through a church.  Those are some great life lessons!  I wish I had done something like that as a teen.

Thank you Rhonda for bringing your Kaitlin to us.