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Midwest Family Values

Family Values


Moving here 10 years ago and being welcomed by the community has been such a blessing.  I wish my west coast friends could experience the closeness of community that the Midwest small town living brings.  The Stewart family is one of those families that when you are in a bind they are there to help.  One of those families who show how a husband and wife can Love each other completely.  Who’s values are being passed down to their boys, Brant is a young man who encourages everyone around him.  Who can melt the crowd with a smile even at a football game.  Who when experiencing victory or defeat on the field is an uplifting example on the field or in the sidelines.  Angel thank you for all the help this year keeping me in the loop and thank you to your boys, big and small for helping me get the Trees that the “not a tornado” blew down in my drive and all over my property chopped up and moved.  Thank you Stewart family for being such and example.  And thank you for bringing your boys here for their senior photos!

  • Sweethearts

Mason and Lexi

We love how the word gets spread about us,  A friend tells a friend who tells a girlfriend and Wha-La, Great Seniors who really appreciate great photography.  I don’t know who told who but we were sure glad to have both these 2016 seniors come out for their senior photos.

Thanks for spreading the word about us!



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Best Friends Forever

I grew up traveling around with our Navy Family and met a lot of people and loved my ever changing life.  But when you meet best friends like Emily and Laken you do see what you missed.  Best Friends with a great relationship that is going to go with them forever.  These girls know how to have fun!

They Purchased our Buddy Shoot so along with their great senior pics they got to have their best friend with them on the shoot and some great Buddy Pics thrown in.  I love Buddy Shoots!