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Bela is the Third of the Brewster family to come here to Naturally Vics.

What a great family raising Three Beautiful girls.  Thankfully Bella loves animals because I had just picked up a puppy from Missouri and I was having

separation anxiety so we drug little Cyrus with us all day and he did photobomb Bela a few times to her delight!  Bela, I too changed schools my senior year and I wish you the best at Scottsburg High School.

It’s going to be a fun year and I hope to see you play basketball!

  • Love the dress

Kaitlin’s senior photo shoot

We loved having Kaitlin out here for her senior photo shoot.  She is such a down to earth, sweet girl!  I love that she works at a day care that runs through a church.  Those are some great life lessons!  I wish I had done something like that as a teen.

Thank you Rhonda for bringing your Kaitlin to us.


  • Kyndall in field
  • High Key Kyndall
  • Head shot of Kyndall
  • Sis helping

Kyndall Senior Photos from Henryville High School

Kyndall is one of the lucky girls with AMAZING hair and a personality to match.  Our Ashley in the office has hair nearly the same as this sweetie.  Kyndall booked two sessions with us, a straight hair day and a curly one so she got the best of both worlds.  There is also a behind the scenes shot of her little sis giving her a hand to tame some of that harsh sun.  We use the best equipment to bring out all your beauty!