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Photo Bug

Tayler is a photography bug like me.  Her Mom and I just get so tickled together and I just think the world of this family.

I am hoping for some snow in Dec. so she can come get some more pics in the snow, Fingers Crossed!  Here is what Tayler had to say!

I had a BLAST!!! There was never a dull moment. Vickie was always cracking jokes and making me laugh. I love the way there is so many different spots on her property for us to take some amazing pictures! I chose to go to Vic’s for my senior pictures because when my brother was a senior I loved watching her do his and how she got me involved with helping in some of the lighting and she’s a really good, fun loving friend!


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Hannah’s Senior Photos

We really appreciate when people pass along their experience as Nicholas D. did for us to Hannah.  Hannah is a very active gal in Basketball and track.  I loved being on the track team in high school too and loved listening to her stories.  She can really through the shot put.  I sure if I tried to throw it I would get a smashed toe, That is a far as it would go, straight down!  Way to go Hannah!  Keep it up!