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Midwest Family Values

Family Values


Moving here 10 years ago and being welcomed by the community has been such a blessing.  I wish my west coast friends could experience the closeness of community that the Midwest small town living brings.  The Stewart family is one of those families that when you are in a bind they are there to help.  One of those families who show how a husband and wife can Love each other completely.  Who’s values are being passed down to their boys, Brant is a young man who encourages everyone around him.  Who can melt the crowd with a smile even at a football game.  Who when experiencing victory or defeat on the field is an uplifting example on the field or in the sidelines.  Angel thank you for all the help this year keeping me in the loop and thank you to your boys, big and small for helping me get the Trees that the “not a tornado” blew down in my drive and all over my property chopped up and moved.  Thank you Stewart family for being such and example.  And thank you for bringing your boys here for their senior photos!

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Erica and Tori Senior Photos

I love repeat customers and especially with a family like these girls.  I did their sister Samantha’s senior photos two years ago and also family photos.  Twice the fun with these two!

  • Silly Micaela

Micaela’s Senior Photos

I love dancing, I’m terrible at it but I love it any way.  Then you meet a girl like Micaela, Wow, such talent.  My ceiling is over 9 feet in the studio and she jumped so high I flinched that she might hit it.  That is just one aspect of her that I love.  She came here for some sweet 16 photos and I have looked forward to her senior photos since then.  I also had the privilege of photographing her two older brothers for their senior photos in years past.  It has been so fun getting to know this family.  Melinda, You are an amazing Mom and I cherish the friendship we have.  Thank you for trusting me for these important photos in your families life.